The same strategy can be used for „Available for international travel”. It’s hard to objectively evaluate the quality of your resume if you’re not an HR professional. Send the resume to us, and we’ll point out its strengths and shortcomings, so that you knew for sure what to improve on a resume to land a remote job faster. A neat, well-designed resume will keep the hiring manager reading the document whereas a cluttered one is likely to be put aside. Use distinctive section headers, add colors sparingly, and consider using graphics or charts if you want to show off some accomplishments.

how to indicate remote work on resume

Discounts on all services available to subscription members, become one now. In fact, many employers and remote employees might consider remote work a skill in itself. It takes a lot of focus, discipline, and strong communication to be an efficient and effective remote worker, and not everyone is cut out for it. If you’re seeking a remote job opportunity, it’s important to showcase your remote skills during the application process. Employers want to know you’re equipped to work from home, and there are several ways you can highlight this on your resume. Showcasing a track record of success and remote work skills boosts employment prospects for work-from-home employment opportunities.

How To Get A Remote Job: Make These Changes To Your Résumé, Cover Letter and LinkedIn

Because hiring managers do have the power to reclassify jobs as remote positions, even though HR doesn’t. Another way to make your resume stand out is to showcase your achievements and impact, rather than just listing your duties and responsibilities. This will show that you are not only capable of performing your tasks, but also of adding value and making a difference to the organization. You can use the STAR method to structure your bullet points, which stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result.

Do you want to receive a professional opinion about your resume? Send us your resume and full description of desired job position. For example, if you are an excellent communicator, showcase your skill and stay connected through video and phone calls, or email, as these are the most popular ways of remote communication. For how to list remote work on resume example, with a job that became remote due to the pandemic, mention how you thrived under the challenging circumstances and how you adapted to the dynamic environment. This section is typically in a bullet list form and provides a concise story of your work experience and how it relates to the position you apply for.

Common Responsibilities Listed on Remote Customer Service Resumes:

Remember to provide more comprehensive information on your LinkedIn resume compared to your regular resume. While resumes submitted to employers should be concise and tailored to specific positions, your LinkedIn resume should offer a comprehensive overview of your skills and employment history. Eva, our senior digital PR writer, suggests including a link to your LinkedIn profile in the contact information section of your resume. Regularly updating your profile to match your resume demonstrates consistency and helps build a reliable professional narrative that remote employers can trust. Unlike traditional office settings, remote work relies on different collaboration methods; whether that means a new take on meeting formats or optimizing your home office for peak efficiency.

how to indicate remote work on resume

When you list proven remote experience in your summary, hiring managers will feel confident about your candidature and know you’re a match for their remote work environment. When applying for a remote or hybrid role, it is essential to highlight your remote work experience in your resume summary. Focus on time management, digital communication, and other skills that showcase your ability to work efficiently from anywhere. Your summary of qualifications goes at the top of your resume and is the very first thing a hiring manager will see. Typically done in a bullet point format, a qualifications summary provides a brief overview of your professional experience, as it relates to the job you’re applying for.

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Those skills include proficiency with certain remote software and tools, excellent communication, and other attributes that compensate for the absence of physical presence. If you’ve been dreaming of a remote job but aren’t sure if you’re qualified, check out this list of skills you need to be a successful remote worker. Then make sure you highlight them on your resume when you apply for your next job.

how to indicate remote work on resume